Product Wings LDA Short 2125
Code AW52
Description It is fair to say that LDA models are pretty much mainstream today. What used to be just a fly-off model now is becoming a regular rounds model and so has to be able to fly in any conditions including low/high wind and high turbulence. Traditional long LDA is extremely difficult to control in mid-day turbulent air an so many still prefer to use conventional models without being able to take advantage of extra launch height that LDA would offer. The new trend however is to build and fly shorter LDA models with hybrid airfoil and now W-Hobby has designed one as well. New W-Hobby LDA Short wings has the more familiar conventional geometry but the airfoil used is state of the art LDA airfoil designed by most renowned airfoil specialist Brian Eggleston (Canada). Canadian airmodellers were successfully flying this airfoil for quite some time now and finally W-Hobby has received approval from Mr.Eggleston to offer this airfoil to the rest of world modellers. The new model fits well in between true LDA and conventional model niche and combines the benefits of each with no drawbacks- it is much easier to control on the line, gliding characteristics are similar to old popular Benedek airfoil but the launch height is in the same range as normal LDA. This can be achieved by lighter wing weight, shorter span and of course the characteristic of the new airfoil. Wing construction is the same as most leading LDA nowadays, no compromises were taken on strength and quality of components as usual.
LDA Short plan
Weight, g 195-210
Price (EUR) 390.00
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