Product Wings LDA BE50 2100 & 2220
Code AW71 & AW72
Description Wings are now built using state of the art higher tensile TeXtreme woven carbon D-boxes and new stronger Prepreg UOL-300 spars with vertical grain filling in between and also one piece wingjoiner block, steel wingjoiner diameter is increased to 7mm (drilled ends to reduce weight), all those improvements provide increased rigidity and accommodate higher LDA acceleration forces on the wing without deformation. Wing covering options include Icarex or Power Rip both impregnated to shed away water.
Wings LDA BE50 2100 airfoil
Wings LDA BE50 2220 airfoil
Wings LDA BE50 2100 plan
Wings LDA BE50 2220 plan
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Weight, g ~200
Price (EUR) 390

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