Product Wings LDA 2320
Code AW51
LDA is a buzz word in Free flight community these days. Low Drag Airfoil is gaining popularity in F1A and F1B faster than any new development in recent years, the secret of LDA airfoil is clever combination of high launch/climb speed and moderate to low sink characteristics. It is not uncommon to achieve 30-50m of extra bunt height and near ideal gliding performance with an LDA model today. W-Hobby invites you to join the LDA flyer ranks by introducing a top of the line 2320mm F1A glider with LDA wings capable of launch heights of up to 100m! Model and wings are designed by W-Hobby, while the new 2011 contest-winning airfoil was generously provided by Mr. Roland Koglot and is being used with his permission. Wing is of conventional construction- one piece carbon D-box and ribs, all carbon parts are reinforced for higher load, ribs are spaced closer for retaining perfect airfoil along the whole wingspan. Conventional construction allows to manufacture lighter LDA wings - just 195-220g (depending on covering option) and therefore increase thermal sensitivity. W-Hobby tests show the best launch/glide performance is achieved by using smooth mylar covering and no turbulator, however full Icarex covering or combination covering is also available.
LDA wings plan
Weight, g 195-210
Price (EUR) 390.00
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