Product Wings 2100 - 2100W - 2220 - 2320
Code AW41 - AW42 - AW43 - AW44
W-Hobby has introduced another improvement to the wings' design and construction - technological advances allowed us to switch back to the classical D-box construction with some major improvements - new generation woven carbon D-boxes, thicker carbon leading edge, thicker and higher density carbon spars with vertical grain hard balsa sandwiched in between and wrapped with more Kevlar thread, trailing edge is also thicker and wider 5x1mm (tapered), higher rib density (25mm spacing). All carbon parts used in W-Hobby wings are now produced by leading Ukrainian manufacturers. Wingjoiner - 6mm steel with drilled ends for lighter weight. Wings are covered with bright Icarex or Power Rip fabric. Offered are 3 types of wings: 2100 (Benedek B6356b airfoil), 2220 (Benedek B6356b) and 2320 mm (Makarov) wingspan. Perfectly fits W Hobby F1A fuselage. Please note these are "conventional" wings, for LDA wings please refer to Wings LDA or Wings LDA Short.
Material Carbon, balsa
Weight, g 175 - 195
Price (EUR) 360.00 - 360.00 - 360.00
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