Product Towhook 3S
Code AH08A
The new and original product, that have replaced the traditional old WH Towhhook. The most comfortable in use for any F1A. The main features are: the new zoom controlling system with the adjustment access from the top, so the changes to zoom angle can be made without removing the towhook or MC from the fuselage pod!, the other two positions - towing and gliding circle can be adjusted from the top too, so you get 3 bolts adjustment access from the top of fuselage. Was it that easy before?! One more thing: the towhook has no hole or slot to hold the latch leg, to set the towhook just pull it down and push the locking rod forward. The unique construction keeps rod in both position firmly, so the spring required is very weak and thou makes uploading process very easy.
Material Aluminum
Dimensions, mm 60 x 30 x 9
Weight, g 12
Price (EUR) 35.00
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