Product Electronic Superba Model 2100 - 2220 - 2320
Code AS70 - AS71 - AS72
Description New generation of Superba E is here! Utilizing completely new fuselage and new E-Glide Electronic timer new F1A is more feature packed than ever:

- New re-engineered wing and stab construction (much stronger spar/D-box structure)
- New W-Hobby Electronic timer
- New Fuselage hardware
- 3 servos (Stabilizer, Wing, Rudder)
- Rudder is hooked to a servo now and is much more precise and versatile being controlled by up to 21 timer commands instead of 4 positions limited by towhook movement
- Stabilizer is controlled by pull-pull mechanism which ensures precise stab position and zero flex
- DT line is no longer released by servo and does not have to be re-attached between flights, setting up for flight is as easy as turning on one switch and popping stab in place
- Each model comes 100% ready to fly - flight-adjusted on the field by skilled team of our competition winning flyers!
- Backup configuration file for each model can be provided at anytime for reprogramming model to factory defaults.

New E models come in 3 span length types- short 2100mm for stronger wind and mid-day thermal activity, 2220mm - universal all day low/high wind model and 2320mm - morning/fly-off model with excellent gliding and launch height characteristics.
NEW! Also available with BlackMagic timer & Wingwiggler.
Weight, g 410
Price (EUR) 990.00, 1120.00 (with BlackMagic timer & Wingwiggler)
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