Product F1A Electronic Bunt Fuselage
Code AF35E
Description Fuselage is redesigned from scratch and offer variety of customizable options:
- new generation W-Hobby E-Glide or Black Magic electronic timer
- 2 types of servo re-latchable towhook (W-Hobby or Russian type). Servo towhook is now standard in all Superba models
- 2 types of Radio DT (Aeris or Russian type with built in tracker)
- Optional Servo wingwiggler (with Black Magic timer only)
- Optional super bright Cree LED stroboscope
- 2 types of stronger tailbooms (Al/Carbon/Al or UMS40/TeXtreme carbon)
Fuselage pod now features longer nose (130mm) which facilitates lighter or no ballast and reduces overall weight of the LDA model to minimum (410g), it also provides more aesthetically pleasing top shape line specifically designed for LDA airfoils. We use high quality servo: Hitec HS-65HB for stabilizer, Dymond D47 for ruder, hook & wingwiggler. All component placement within the fuselage has been re-engineered to provide better access and weight distribution. Timer is secured in 3D printed casing to reduce the chance of water penetration. New generation reinforced tailbooms and also completely new stabmounts for tubular type stab nose (1.5mm radius) provide better stability of tailplane elements during LDA acceleration and launch.

F1A Electronic Bunt Fuselage includes: carbon nose pod with cover, inner wing angle adjuster, stabilizer and rudder servos with holders, installed servo hook, timer with programming cable, LiPo battery, tail boom, rudder, stabmount and e-buntroller.
For more info and ordering:
Weight, g 160
Price (EUR) F1A Electronic Bunt Fuselage with servohook and timer E-Glide - 620
F1A Electronic Bunt Fuselage with servohook, timer BlackMagic & E-wingwiggler - 750
Cree LED Strobe extra - 50EUR
TeXtreme/UMS40 carbon tailboom extra - 20EUR
Radio DT Aeris extra - 150EUR

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