FF Electronic Timer JWH-10 E-Glide"

 Timer was designed from scratch taking into account the experience and feedback collected over 12 years of flying electronic Free Flight models. Designed to replace the first generation W-Hobby timer it has identical footprint and component connectors for easy in-place upgrade without making modifications to the fuselage. In addition to standard FF timer features it has a long list of improvements and extra functions that are unique among competing products.

- Dimensions mm 25x25
- 3 servo control (Stabilizer + Wing + Rudder)
- Up to 16 Bunt steps
- RCDT Control (Works with Aeris, Airtek RDT and VIO RC-DT modules)
- 4 full sets of settings can be stored in memory and switched over without using a programming device
- 4 programmable DT times for each set can be switched over without using programming device
- Adjustable servo delay function for tighter circle on towing
- Towing error timeout - takes down model released with towline
- Accelerate error timeout - bypasses bunt sequence if towline release after acceleration is delayed
- "Manual Config" option allows visually adjusting servo positions in real time without disconnecting programming device
- "Power Save" - true power off function with MOSFET switch reducing power consumption to zero between flights
- Programmable limit positions for each servo
- Monitoring of battery voltage, pre-flight warning and in-flight automatic DT when battery is nearly empty
- External power for Radio Transmitter
- Built-in beeper
- Built-in LED indicator for timer status
- Windows (Win 9x/2K/XP/Vista/Win7) and Palm OS compatible - free software for both platforms provided
- Large screen user friendly programming interface with intuitive layout and fail-safe syntax check
- Two way status feedback (servo positions, battery level, etc) when connected to programming device
- Free lifetime updates for self-upgradable controller firmware
- Comes with micro-switches, programming cable, usb/serial adapter (download driver) and software
- Newest W-Hobby E-Glide Electronic Timer Programming Interface user's manual
- JWH-10 E-Glide Electronic Timer configuration for Palm PDA user guide
- E-Glide Electronic Timer MS Windows Programming Interface download
- Palm Pilot Programming Interface (updated) download
- Program for firmware upgrade download
- Latest firmware 1.32 (adapted with servo hook) download

 Price: discontinued item

Special thanks to Mr. Harry Sokol (Australia) for writing and coding Palm programming interface http://4dfx.com.au/DTox/index.html

Contact us: info@w-hobby.com
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